X Rot Pro 80

Kawasaki FS 481 V 4T - OHV 2 cylinders
14,5 HP/10,8 kW @ 3,600 rpm
Control system
optical contactless
Control system
"AFA" Automatic Frequency Agility
protection IP 65
48 Volt (ELV- safe low voltage)
variable speed 0-8 Km/h
electro- magnetic clutch
2500 rpm
Cutting height
40-140 mm, electric adjustment
Mowing width
80 cm-Swinging blades
belt driven by EM clutch
380 kg
125x124x68 cm
compacting pressure 0,12 Kg/cm2
Control system
range of radio control 200m

The Mulching mower X-ROT PRO, suitable for extreme slopes, works with a single blade a high mower deck designed to allow a high volume of grass with a minimum engine power. The tracks are driven by electric motors which are electronically controlled to have the best performance with the minimum waste of power; the results is a very light vehicle (380 kg) that drives easily in slopes and in uneven grounds. the radio control is very easy to operate: there is no skill and training required to fully control the vehicle. Every function of the machine can be controlled from the handy set. The electric transmission doesn’t need any maintenance and there is no consumption elements. The machine size and weight are suitable to be safely transported by a small pick-up or van; it can also be deposited in an inaccessible area by a light crane. The driver is always away from the machine in a safe position, far from danger, exhaust, dust or noise but in a quiet safe and comfortable position to perform all the works all day long. The electric transmission system prevents any oil leakage and makes this unit perfect to be safely employed into ecologic areas, near to drinking water dam, ecologic water oasis and protected nature reserves.