High grass mower ROTEX 70

Honda GXV 390 gasoline 10,2 HP
Recoil starter
Belt and gears in oil bath
2 + quick reverse on handle
By belt tensor
Steering clutch
Standard with control on the handle
Independent for cutting deck
Sickle pivoting blades / 70 cm

Rotex 70 perfect for maintenance without loss of time of rustic land, brushwood, uncultivated areas or industrial. The sharp blade cuts perfectly the stem of grass, shrubs and brushwood depositing them on the ground evenly over the entire cutting width.

Made by robust construction is very handy and easy to use thanks to the independent extension locks wheels which allows the control of the machine even in steep slopes. The reversal of the advancement motion by actuating a lever on the handle, allows a total control even in the presence of many obstacles.

The handlebars are adjustable in both height and laterally quickly in order to move to the side when working close to the vegetation. To these advantages, not negligible, it adds the advantage of the great power of the engine which this machine is equipped with.