High grass mower G/660

Honda GX 200 gasoline 5.5 HP
Recoil starter
Belt and gears in oil bath
2 + quick reverse on handle
By belt tensor
Steering clutch
Independent for cutting deck
Working width
60 cm with 32 "Y" shped blades

The basic model of the series flail mowers Barbieri G/600 is ideal for those cleaning tasks in small and medium-sized plots of land. Developed for trimming grass, branches and debris from various nature, the Flail G/600 has its own strengths in the lightness and easy use.

Driven by powerful and reliable engine with recoil start gasoline powered, the G/600 uses a mechanical transmission with gears in oil bath with 3 speeds. The trimming device includes a carving of working width 60 cm rotor with 32 blades “Y-shape” with a wide adjustment of cutting height.

The handlebars provide a double adjustment for optimum operator comfort. Practically the G/600 is a flail mower semi-professional, synonymous of power and reliability.